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As a general computing engine, Spark can process data from various data management/storage systems. For flexibility and high throughput, Spark defines the Data Source API, which is an abstraction of the storage layer. Based on this API we have created a Data Source for ASN.1 that gives you the ability to parse multiple encoded files.

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DataBlocks is a data integration platform for data lakes designed for the modern Enterprise. It provides multiple features designed for current and evolving Data Engineering that go beyond traditional ETL. Our graphic editor for Spark enables visual drag-and-drop and Spark or SQL developers to succeed in the same environment and produce efficient data pipelines.

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Sparser Api V1 for parsing and querying ASN.1 encoded data (Ber/Der) with Apache Spark, for Spark SQL and DataFrames.


datablocks is a Big Data integration platform for Data Lake.
 Use datablocks to perform big data integration and transformation without writing or maintain external code.

Delta Lake
Delta Streams is a project developed by DataBeans on top of Delta lake that simplifies streaming architectures.

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